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The First Blockchain-based Platform Using Crowdsourcing for Data Generation

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our mission

Dataeum Aims to Put Humans at the Center of the Data Ecosystem.

The Data market is estimated at over 3 Trillion Dollars. Without even knowing it, humans have become instruments of data collection through their actions, movements and behaviors, creating value for others.

Dataeum aims to disrupt the existing paradigm, by creating the first blockchain-based platform which uses crowdsourcing to enable the collection of 100% of all global physical data (such as stores, gas stations, traffic signs, etc) anywhere in the world, with 100% accuracy.

It does this through a mobile app and by using a distributed workforce of “collectors” who are incentivised.

The solution’s efficiency has already been proven during three collection campaigns completed in Paris, Barcelona and London.

Dataeum will become the most used data blockchain in the real world thanks to its community that will collect millions of physical data around the globe.

physical data generation


how it works
Based on blockchain, smart contracts technology and using crowdsourcing, Dataeum’s solution enables
reliable and accurate collection of any physical data.

Humans are the core element of our solution. By using crowdsourcing to answer the current data generation methods’ limits (database matching, content analysis, tracking devices, etc) we will enable the collection of 100% of any physical data in the world.


We will enable our collectors, through a mobile application using deep learning and augmented reality, to be paid for the collection, verification and update of any physical data. Blockchain and Smart Contracts technology guarantee the transparency of the process.


Each validated data will be available on a decentralized marketplace that will allow any token holder to retrieve data for consultation, rental, or acquisition.

blockchain-based solution
Dataeum’s solution uses three Proof of Processes to generate the most accurate
physical data while using crowdsourcing.
proof of existing data
A comparison of the collected data is made from two different collectors. If both data match, the data will be considered valid. If not, the data remains invalid until a further collector validates it.
proof of existing data
proof of constant data
To ensure a constant accuracy, data will be regularly updated. Its accuracy rate will decrease progressively on a monthly basis. An algorithm will guide the collectors to maintain up-to-date data.
proof of constant data
proof of trust
The collector will get a “quality score” for his or her collection actions. The more collectors initiate, update and verify data correctly, the higher their “quality score” will be. This ensures collection quality.
proof of trust

data collection

Technological developments will support Dataeum’s proven solution in creating
the most innovative platform for data generation

By using a mobile application to gather this data, Dataeum’s solution has already proven its efficiency and profitability during three collection campaigns completed in Paris, Barcelona and London where 300 000 physical data have been successfully collected.

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality technologies will enable automatic and instant recognition of any available visual information. This will be speed up the data collection process. In the end, the collector will only have to carry out validation work as the initial input is fully automated.

data collection

use cases

Based on a global community of collectors, Dataeum will pave the way for multiple uses of physical data.

Humans - People

The power of crowdsourcing enables the collection of 100% of all global physical data, anywhere in the world. Thanks to its community of collectors and its vision, Dataeum will bring back the data value to people.

Market Research

Urban planners may want to access all of the trees, benches, street, road signs, etc, and their exact location for future city urban plannings. The community will provide this highly accurate information.

Quarantine Period

In Pandemic period for example, for cities in quarantine, movements are limited and need to be maximized. With Dataeum, you can access all this local data and get it accurately.

Environment Care

Working with local authorities, Dataeum’s community can help to find water points, local shops, food distribution location, to help population in developing countries.

Targeted Advertising

Businesses need to address to very specific audiences and access to accurate data. Let’s say you are selling cash registers, you might want to know all the phone numbers of small businesses that opened in New York in the past 6 months. This information will be accessible on the marketplace.

Drone Delivery

With only 8% of map pin placements that are accurate, Drone delivery remains a challenge because of poor data quality. Accessibility to accurate geolocated data will dynamize the development of this kind of services.

Road Prevention

Any constructions, leaks, risks, can be updated by the community anywhere in the world. This will alert the community to potential dangers and facilitate rapid intervention by the appropriate authorities.

Database Enrichment

Through a decentralized marketplace and updated API, large database companies such as Acxiom, Factual, Localeze, can just plug in and get updated physical data for prospecting, listing, mailing, telemarketing, or statistics purpose.

Maps and Geolocation Service

Companies such as Google Maps, Bing, Tomtom, Baidu, OpenStreetMap, Here map, will be provided an API where they can plug in and get real-time updates on all global physical data. This to increase the quality of the service delivered to their users.


Blockchain based and using smart contracts technology Dataeum relies on a solid technological solution that enables transparency and reliability for data collection.

blockchain technology

Dataeum’s platform is based on technology layers to ensure efficiency, security and flexibility from the data collection to its availability on the marketplace.

BigchainDB is used as a storage solution for the collected data. Its immutability ensures a transparent process of data verification and update. The data validation triggers the collectors’ remuneration using a Smart Contract on the Ethereum blockchain. IPFS is used for any image linked to the visual element of the collection.

This real-time process ensures a high scalability of the system. It guarantees the collectors’ reward transparency, and ensures a real-time interaction for the token holders within the marketplace.


white paper dataeum

Dataeum puts humans at the center of the data economy, completely changing the way data is generated. Blockchain technology does not only provide transparency on how this data generation is made, but also ensures quality and trust towards anyone looking for qualified data.

Giving back the value to those who create data is only made possible with decentralization; without middlemen, brokers or any third parties. Learn more about the Dataeum revolution.


Dataeum Token XDT
Total XDT issued
1 000 000 000 XDT
Price / Token
1 XDT = 0.03 USD
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